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Default Re: Feminists Endanger the Economy

Yeh RUSH! Wash ya mouth out! Foul language should not be tolerated on this site! ops: he he heheeh...

Though i tentatively agree that all feminist's should be is men who ultimately created them from the overt and subtle perspective.

Overt in the Lefty foundations POURING the money in to create them...and i do believe it is MEN who decided that.

Also, men who generally treat their women like shit. Men who are still mother complexed and attached to their mothers and cannot be..."men".

I have worked in the male dominated mining industry as a Fire Assayer and Shotfirer. I have also had the perspective of 3 years of Uni study and 4 1/2 years of work as a Registered Nurse...surrounded by women.

I get along well with women. They tell me things. One is that they want a man to be a MAN! They want him to take the lead. She will support him. They also want to stay home with the kids. They also want some respect other than their tits and arse...though conversely they complain when men dont... :-D Such are the mysteries of life...

In the end...women, like ANYONE, want respect as individuals. That comes from the heart. If women have broken your heart then you picked the wrong woman.

I can admire the tits and arse on a woman but i can also be their friend. If you cant do that then you will always hate women...and so too the other way around.

On the subject of those Northern European socialist countries...they DO have some good points. One is that women and men are given TRUCKLOADS of time off to be with their new borns and family. Also, if you've been on the dole their for longer than 6 months you can get a free trip to any country where you can work on a visa. Workers of the world unite!:-P

Hey WOLFY...did a female break ya heart or something? Leave ya all messed up and crying like baby? Yeh, that can make ya hate 'em.
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