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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Actually i was convicted of a commercial quantity of Dope in 2003 in what the 25 year veteran copper described as the best Hydro set up he had ever scene.

My fave gun is the Chinese SKK which i used to enjoy knocking small trees down with.

I have mixed with Italian Mafia Dons, military people of ALL persuasions, looked after sex workers, preists, doctors, lawyers, coppers. Had guns pulled on me and taken part in more street brawls than i can remember.

Any more questions?

Also, you are the proverbial "retail" cliche man. Me, a fence sitter? Sonny Jim, i have stood up and spoken out more than you can possibly imagine. You are the extremist end of the OTHER extremist end and it is people like you who give the ammunition to the Globalists.

Again, i am for people who have shown themselves responsible to have permission to own ANY gun they want. They should also have permission to carry one when they show the capacity to fire it in a public space...that takes intense training. So let the schools open up.

They should be registered by LOCAL law enforcement.

I do not want half wits waltszing into gun stores on a whim. The crims are a seperate issue.

How many bank robbers committed mass murder with guns?

Guns are dangerous fool. They are NOT a waffle iron though i'm sure i could kill someone with it given the motivation.
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