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Default Re: Between the Bible and Quran

Akbar wrote:
As a true Muslim following the example of the Prophet Muhammed. I am wrong to say bad things about the Bible. I can only relate to you the inconsistency within it when it describes God. The holy Quran is a continution of the Bible. The Bible says only those who come through Jesus will enter paradise. The holy Quran says that anyone who believes in God and the last day will enter heaven. That statement alone shows the elevation of God's revelation from tribal to universal. I will not be a NWO guard dog and attack someone because they believe diffently than I do. The attack of someone outside of your race or religion is another trap set by the great deceiver Satan. The Bible says to revoke Satan and the holy Quran says to fight the schemes of Satan. So since we know one of the schemes of Satan is to spread war using both race and religion. We must walk a balancing act so we do not serve as fuel for the fire. Most of the posts on this site that attack religions or other races are based on pure ignorance. If it was intelligence then no one would do it. So I encourage you what ever religion you follow to strive to follow the best of your religion and serve as a beacon of light for others. The path to peace begins with the purification of our own souls as we reach out to help others on their path. This is the underlining message I get out of both the Bible and the holy Quran. The purpose of life is for man to work on the purification of his soul by engaging the material life. Only God can tell us how to do this. So that is why the word of God has to be the foundation of our life. So there is no battle between the Bible and the holy Quran. There is just an invitation from both to encourange you to submit to the word of God and use it as the foundation for your life.

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