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Default Re: Feminists Endanger the Economy

Hey TB
I thought ya had vanished there for a sec, sorta around the time of the raids, ive been thinking 'shit' sorta had me wondering for a sec.

I too work in the mining industry (Titanium) and there are a few women kicking around but for the most part they are pretty down to earth and easy to get along with, if some snotty mole rocked up one day she certainly wouldnt last long.
It seems the ladies that do work out in the sticks seem to enjoy the fact that there arnt many other women around and seem to agree that men are far more straight forward and easy to work with, the lack of the whole bitch factor making everyones life in general a lot better.
Uni however was a nightmare, La Trobe is/was festooned with feminists, I even had the misfortune to have a psyc lecturer who happened to be a full on lesbian feminazi militant who was to my mind so unbalanced I was supprised she was a teacher of psyc and not a patient.
If you were normal she considered you ab-normal and descriminated against those who disgreed or argued with her.
Its a shame fuckwits like this are in charge of young minds, and god forbid if you ever thought for yourself, or used common sense, these concepts were not to be tollerated under any circumstance.

Anyway thems the breaks and it is all clearly fukt im lucky now to work in an industry where common sence and logic are the primary drivers and not politically correct drivil.

I hope it lasts that way.
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