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Default Does China own America?

Has China secretly been blackmailing the US, threatening to dump the dollar?
Consider first how the Clinton administration gave China some of Americas best Nuclear technology, the only reason I could see for this is that if he didn't he would know that the country would collapse, consider that the Republicans didn't have a real problem of him doing it, if they did say anything it was mearly show, consider also that they were trying to nail him with anything they could, how is it that they didn't speak loudly about this, and consider he couldn't have done it without the help and support of the republicans.
After Bush got into the WH the threat of China dumping the dollar was still there, and if they were now demanding gold for dollars, they would have gotten the go ahead to bring down the towers, since once down the gold was now missing, did they ship it over with the loads of steal that went directly over there?
On a slightly different bent consider that when it was leaked that the grand jury was going to indict the whole administration, but gonzalous refused to accept the indictments from Fitzgerald, soon afterward libby was the only player getting indictment, consider do you think he would refuse the indictments if the only one named guilty so far was libby, I don't think so, I believe that the indictments named them all, but they took him in to tell him the dark secrets of china foreclosing on america, and he backed off?

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