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Default Are we Pavlovian?

So now the new television sets have sensor technology that can tell if you are watching or not, and in fact by some accounts it can tell how many people are in front of it.

AND . . . there are all kinds of "silent speech" technologies (e.g. S-QUAD, Neurophone) that are highly compatible with television transmission, especially digital.

SO . . . suppose that: 1) the sensor detects you in front; 2) the S-QUAD begins using a series of trigger phrases (e.g. "I'm hungry, I want candy") to see if you will respond in a favorable way? Perhaps it can detect facial temperature changes (infrared) or it can tell when you get up to go to the kitchen.

This could be one of the biggest conditioning experiments perpetrated by media research.

And now you are getting verrrrrrrrry thirsty . . . . you want Mountain Dewwwwwwwwww . . . .

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