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Default Re: Liberals vs Conservatives on this forum.

"Every human has a partner Jinn "

Yes indeed. Everyone has a companion who is a descendant of Satan, he is the source of evil thoughts we get. But once we buy the very idea that something or someone have inherent power that is independent of God, we are enslaved by the Jinn-companion (ultimately Satan himself).

However the "Hadith" books are condemned by God, they are not to be considered a source of law since Quran suffices. Quran is letter by letter from God, while Hadith is like Talmoud, satanic fabrications.

P.S: But we can find some true "history" in these Hadith books though.

I just wish that we stop generalizing and start debating freely without quickly judging others. Satan ultimately fails in debate.

More on the Jinn-beings here:
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