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Default Re: Are we Pavlovian?

One other mention about S-QUAD (and I am yet to find a report on its efficacy in public) is that it is under the Department of Justice, meaning corrections and law enforcement. It would be a small operation to attach this technology to squad cars for surreptitious crowd control, or for blanketing dangerous neighborhoods. If used at night, presumably when people are in light REM sleep, it could also be used with the warbler siren turned down in volume. The warbler can give short bursts of alpha or theta frequencies before the message is given through the S-QUAD. I would presume that this has limited effectiveness; I however have no objection to its application in deadly situations. Some hoods are truly deadly to strangers, and should be "tamed" as much as possible.

I have a lot of respect for Ms. Taylor, and am working on the book. I have to take it in small pieces. My first sight of Brice was on one of the DVD's the public awareness crowd put out. She named names for the first time in public on the DVD.

There are two important things that will happen because of our government's obsession with mind control, and I think you might know what one is.

Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub.
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