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Default Re: Zündel SHOW Trial, Mannheim 2005

Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History


Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

November 15, 2005

Editor's Note: Ernst Zundel has been corresponding with this writer
throughout his unjust imprisonment in Canada and the United States. His
latest letter contains observations both profound and mundane. But even
the prosaic details are worth publishing because they hammer home the
daily reality of a man imprisoned solely for his beliefs, or perhaps I
should say, for what he does not believe.

The media describe him as a "white supremacist," but who is kidding
whom? At Zundelhaus in Toronto his friends and neighbors, accountants
and collaborators were of all races. His most recent Canadian lawyer was
of Asian descent. He could never abide the KKK or Aryan Nations. No,
Ernst Zundel has not spent the last few years of his life in Canadian
and German dungeons because he execrates black or brown people. The
System doesn't care about blacks, except as tokens and as a stick with
which to beat and control the white working class, especially in the
American South. How many black people are in the Washington D.C. press
corps covering the White House and Congress, or on staff at the New York

Recent polls indicate that more than 70% of American blacks think the US
should withdraw from Iraq and rebuild America instead. Blacks are not so
naive as whites when it comes to paying into and obeying the six-pointed
star-System. Orthodox rabbis are anti-black racists in the tradition of
their esteemed legal codifier Moses Maimonides (cf. his "Guide of the
Perplexed" in the Shlomo Pines translation), except in so far as they
can twist poor black resentment into a divide-and-conquer weapon for
humiliating and degrading poor whites, while upper caste whites pose as
"civil rights sympathizers" (from the safe distance of their suburbs and
gated communities)

Zundel has been jailed for one reason alone, and it is important that we
keep the public on point here. He is in jail and on trial because in
good conscience he doubts the existence of homicidal gas chambers. Being
pro or anti Hitler is not germane because Zundel is himself a holocaust
survivor! When he was a toddler his mother dragged him under a table in
their Black Forest home as the horrific sights and sounds of firebombs
dropped by the noble terrorists of the British and American armed forces
incinerated Zundel's native town of Pforzheim.
Trauma like that is not
expunged with opprobrium about neo-Nazism. We might all be neo-Nazis if
we had endured the terror which the German civilians experienced during
and even after the war, when more German civilians were killed than
during the conflict
, in "peacetime," through deliberate starvation
imposed by Allied and yes, American leaders.
This was from the summer of
1945 through the early summer of 1947, before the "Marshall Plan."
Amnesia has been induced concerning the conditions in post-war,
pre-Marshall Plan Germany. James Bacque has written the corrective in
his vital history book, "Other Losses."

I wrote for the old "Spotlight" newspaper and reported from the press
gallery at Ernst's first inquisition in Toronto in 1985. My book, "The
Great Holocaust Trial" is the only revisionist account of that epic. I
regret that I do not have the means to be with Ernst again for his third
trial (actually fourth, if we count the Orwellian 1983 hearing that
ended in the revocation of his right to receive mail!). Even if I ran
the risk in Germany of having the handcuffs slapped on my own wrists,
for the same thought crime for which Ernst is being star-chambered, it
would be worth it. But my home in the alpine region of northern Idaho is
not unlike Germany, and it is not difficult from these environs to be
with Ernst in spirit.

Letter from Ernst Zundel 31. October 05
JVA Mannheim Herzogenrieder Str. 111 68169 Mannheim (Germany)

Michael Hoffman II Box 849 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

Dear Mike! Today is "Reformatious Tag" --Martin Luther Day! The day when
in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the church door --where I
wanted to attach Fred Leuchter's Report (on Auschwitz) on the same date
in 1989 --only to find that the Communists' had sheethed the entire
church door in a thick sheet of steel, artificially aged to look as old
as the rest of the church structure. There was no way one could even
drive a nail in that door. Obviously I was not the first man to have had
"a repeat performance," a latter day Luther act in mind!

Thus, instead, I posted myself in front of the door, and held up the
reports as my French television crew set up their cameras and a British
photographer who toured Germany with me, went into action. So I had the
last laugh. I was reaching millions at an instant, certainly faster than
if I had merely nailed those reports to that church door.

All kinds of Germans have over the years mentioned that there was a
"Luther-like" quality about me. I always thought it had to do with my
girth, and my "balding pate." Some thought it also had something to do
with the content of my message. If one looks at it critically there are
indeed similarities. We challenge the orthodoxy of our day and we want
to clean up the act of those who were straying from the truth,
embellishing or importing material which never belonged in the
transmitted version of the old faith.

German broadcasters today make a big deal out of the fact that the
humble monk did not start out wanting to divide the faith. He was
horrified at the thought and uneasy when he began to realize how events
had gotten away from him. Like all historical events and figures, there
is the "public persona" that has been handed down, most likely very
different from the real person, as it is with Christ in many versions.
Lucky for the world, all kinds of Luther's notes, diaries and especially
letters to friends and contemporaries have survived to this day. Today
(on the anniversary) some were published in newspapers and broadcast on
radio, with Luther scholars illuminating facets of of Luther's
personality and ideas. It is fascinating to see these Germans wrestle
with this figure in their history. I was surprised that no one mentioned
his "Anti-Semitism." Not once did I hear it come up; which surprised me,
because the media here rarely miss an opportunity to dirty its own nest.

One thing knocked me for a loop! Mike, you won't believe this! The
radio-reporting team asked some local high school kids, girls and boys,
what they knew about Luther. The ignorance was palpable, it made
geniuses out of American high school juniors (in comparison). It was a
kind of Jerry Springer version of radio. One German girl actually said,
"Oh, Martin Luther, he freed the negroes in 1517." Imagine where the
mind of that girl was! Only one young man could give a thumbnail sketch,
had the date right and the points of the 95 theses, and even gave an
outline of what Luther wanted to accomplish. So the dumbing down is not
an American or a Canadian phenomenon only!

The other day I heard a radio interviewer talk to a popular television
talk show host about one of the most embarrassing moments on his show.
He said it was when he asked a famous German singer of pop songs, whose
specialty was Hawaiian music and who had had several mega hits, where
Hawaii was--the host showed the singer a map of the world and asked him
to point out where Hawaii was. The guy embarrassed himself and the host
by always looking for it in the Caribbean! This in the 21st century with
the History Channel and several TVs in the house! Sad, more than sad.

People keep asking me why I have no television in my prison cell. When I
tell them it interferes with my writing and thinking, they look at me
wide-eyed. One morning they spotted me as I was exercising in the yard,
asking if I had meant what I said. They told me that they could not live
without their TVs. They confessed to me how they had suffered in their
cells before they obtained a TV, that the solitude nearly drove them
crazy. I spent about ten to fifteen minutes explaining to them that the
first television broadcasts took place during the 1936 Olympics in Nazi
Germany, and that the German Army had a television network extending
over Europe. The broadcasts were seen as far away as Paris, where the
broadcasts were seen in German army hospitals to help them stay
connected to home, and to take their minds off their wounds. This was
1940-1945. German Army TV network!...I told (the youths imprisoned with
me here) about the dangers as well as the very good educational tool
that television can be. Mike, you should have seen these young men's
eyes lighting up. A new world had opened up for them. German society,
like much of American society, has simply abandoned their young people
to the eagerly waiting druggies and dope-pushers, pimps and white

How many relatively young people are in here for violent crimes
committed while drunk! There was one good-looking young man--he looked
15, but turned out to be 18. He had damaged about a dozen cars, ripped
off aerials and rearview mirrors, because he had had a fight with his
girlfriend, thus venting his spleen and rage on the cars. The judge took
a dim view of this irresponsible behavior and practiced a bit of tough
love, and sent him to the slammer for six months. Of course this boy
hated the loss of his freedoms and was remorseful. I spent a few days
shielding him from the corruption of the druggies, until he was shipped
to a place for young offenders.

Now quickly to my "living conditions." I have a reasonably nice cell in
this 100-year-old fortress-like sandstone prison, which looks quite a
bit like Alcatraz. The staff is all German. They are mostly 20 to 30
years younger than I am. Imagine Mike, I am one of the most unusual
prisoners in here because I am the only "political" prisoner. All the
others are accused murderers, rapists, thieves, drug pushers, drug
takers; people who have wounded others in fights, usually with knives.
There are between 60-70 different personalities here in this prison.
Germans are in a distinct minority, maybe 15%. Sometimes only 10%. Many
(inmates) are Turkish, Gypsies, Russians, Poles, Rumanians. Relatively
few black prisoners and even fewer Asians -- one Chinese, two
Vietnamese, a few Indians and so far I have met three Jews. I think they
are Germans pretending to be Jews because there are then certain levers
they can apply to get a single cell more quickly, etc.

The staff are pretty humane, actually even kind and considerate, within
the limits of their rules and regulations. There is a prison store, like
a small shopping center with carts, where twice a month we can purchase
things with our own money. This is one heck of a good invention because
all of the tobacco addicts and the soft drink and milk addicts can buy
themselves their stuff. I have seen people (here) buy junk food like
chips, colas, chocolates that would put a trailer park Mom in curlers to

For me it is "heaven in hell." I can buy all kinds of fruits and
vegetables and slowly I am recovering my health. The (prison) diet
(itself) is radically different in here than in Canadian prison. I have
seen no hamburgers, not a single french fry in 8 months. In Canada and
the U.S. it was almost daily fare. We have an immersion heater to brew
our own tea or coffee. There is one warm meal a day. The rest is bread
(German rye), cheese and jam for breakfast.
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