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Default Re: Logitech using a masonic symbols

Thank you for your wellcome.
Yes I also use a few products of Logitech a
Keyboard maybe a mouse and other products i am not sure but I feel I actually should never have bought this product as I just am giving money to the people who will "drop bombs on our childern" there are other symbols that I have discoverd Ill show you.

Adidas did you ever suspect them here we go watch the logo
[img align=right][/img]
If you put it right way up so that the "a" of adidas is not horizontal but virtical with the logo you will see the piramyd in three stages which is a masonic symbol plus it is also how it should look like in three stages the piramyde, I BELIEVE THAT MOST OF US OWN A SOMETHING OF ADIDAS, I never knew this my self about adidas.
Hope this tells you something.

God bless all.
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