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Default Re: Treason Under the Crescent Moon

No slavery is not part of islam it is actually your death if you own a slave in any muslim country around the world in fact who ever says that he ownd a black or any other race and is notified to the autoritiess he will be hanged for slavery on humans.

In fact islam is the only religion that has forbiden slavery but permits servents which also have human rights in islam, and if you want some factual evidence then look at the Saudi prince and king did you ever hear that the Saudi King or prince has got so many slaves, but he has many servents serving him.

In fact Islam is the only religion that has fought against the black slavery says it all that has been anti slavery since its birht on this planet, the greatest example is a person called Bilal who was a black slave who became muslim during the time of when prophet mohammad was alive and then he became one of the leaders of islam, there for it is no way that islam will permit slavery, the muslims will kill those who even think they can change islam, Islam is against Darwin ideologie.
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