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Default Bush Assasination fall 2005?

Hi all.

The Tunisian astrologer "Hassan al-Sharibi" who predicted the princess Diana car death thing and the 1991 gulf war has predicted Bush will be assasinated towards the end of fall 2005.

There has been some talk already that high level forces in the US military have tried already to assasante him and these will be the people responsible for the event if it occures.

I suppose if this happens they will blame who they like and perhaps use it as a justification to impose martial law or something similar on the AMerican people.
Its also interesting that several predictions mentionthe US becoming embroiled in a civil war at about this 2006 timeframe which will supposedly result in 5 seperate republics. (billy Meiers Henoc prophecys among athers)

Check it out could this be the catylist the Authoritys in the US will use to end the freedom of the people?

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