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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

And since you are constantly accusing me of not supplying any fact's to back up my viewpoint...
Hmmmm...i dont know about "constantly" accusing you. The fact is you simply dont. You just mouth the usual "co-co pops" response from the gun lobby to counter the "froot loop" bullshit from the other side. I prefer my breakfast of porridge, wheat bran, sliced banana and a little bit of cream with milk on top...just to take the edge of the heat.

I have explained it to you as simply as possible. You are in the grip of a demonic ideology which would bring complete chaos to the streets and alot of clapping from the control freak Globalists.

In your world...ANYONE and EVERYONE at ANY time can go grab a gun. Is that correct? Thus chaos on the streets would reign. You may gain a little satisfaction from blasting away at the local theif but I wonder if it would all be worth it?

Take the simple drivers licence. They may have turned it into a defacto I.D card but at it's base it is a simple point of reference to say that you have shown yourself capable of driving a motor vehicle. Are you saying that ANYONE at ANY time should drive a car? And what of the people who simply should not be behind the wheel? The repeat offender drunks etc? Do you have any idea how many die on the roads already? And how do you think it would go in this society without those regulations? Again, you are divorced from reality.

Maybe you could share some legitimate statistics on how gun registration has had a positive effect on actual crime Anywhere at Anytime in history. I would love to see it.
Geez mate, how about you giving some. You aint really up on "facts" of any description...just opinion based on your verbose parroting ability.

I tend to base it on my day to day practical experiences.

The vast majority of murders are done by family members on people they know. Mental illness including your basic "my wife left me and took the kids" depression is the big fear factor for me. Since the coppers have been strictly enforcing "Aprehended Violence Order" (restraining order) the family shootings and walking down your street firing as you go have virtually dissapeared. Dickheads cannot get a gun on a whim here anymore. If you break those orders you go to jail. I know, when I was their it was FULL of em. Very sobering.

Crime does not worry me. If some Meth head wants the banks money he can have it. I'll file my nails on the floor and make a few phone calls to arrange lunch while he's doing the stick up. When he leaves I'll go about my day. You want to kill that person and probably kill a few innocent people yourself with your John Wayne heroics. I am after practical soloutions to the day and age we live in NOW. Not the Libertarian land of tomorrow which may never come 'cept by the coming of Christ. For you carrying a gun is makes you feel good. Maybe I'll let you off that one as you do live in the of the gun and a government who pour the drugs in. A government that grows more gigantic on the back of social decay and disorder. Disorder thet YOU ultimately want to add too.


They cannot kill all of us. They do not have enough heartless thugs to pull it off. Their ONLY weapon is problem, Reaction, Soloution. Do not add to it. If they wielded Ungodly power they would have locked us down long ago.

Ignorence is their accomplice. Want to change things? Then educate people on the corruption of the legal system. A well known motor cycle gang member was caught with a Glock under his car seat. Facing a jail term due to his history he simply said to the judge that many people used the car and it was'nt his. He walked. No problems. How? He paid $70,000 to the "White Shirts" (prosecuting coppers and detectives) who passed a share onto the Judge (Purple Circle-Freemasonic). Thanks for coming. And what of you and I? I assure you we would have been charged and found guilty. WITHOUT doubt. The system has worked like this for years. Those with cash and power walk. Amazingly we wank on about how the Asians are so corrupt. We in the West are NO better. Just more hidden. There is your problem. More fucking guns blazing away on the street will not help. When the time comes they will roll over you like a tank through a Normandy wheat field and no amount of firepower will save you.

Maybe you could share some legitimate statistics on how gun registration has had a positive effect on actual crime Anywhere at Anytime in history.
Again, i made myself clear in previous posts. I do not care about the crime. That can be solved immediately with the cessation of the use of drug dealing criminal informants and the ACTUAL application of the laws of money laundering to the banking and financial sector. This will only happen when enough people know how the "game" is played. Again, information.

With regards guns, I care about any dickhead waltszing in off the street so he can big note himself to his friends about his Berretta. It is the middle class twit off the street who scares me. The Meth head can rob as much money as he wants off the banks.

I would love to see it. Please make it verifiable though. Obviously - Government reports don't count.
I dont need statistics. I have practical experience of the problem.

You, Truebeliever are the simplest Nut to crack.
Really? Hammer away...

Another symptom of your ailment (in case you'd like to work on that one too) is thinking your intelligence is a little above the norm.
"Thinking"? No, i "know" my intelligence is well above the norm. I also have the benefit of cramming alot of experience into 35 years.

Very predictable behavior and so easy to extract from you....
Nay, i "ooze" it. No need to extract. I am not into false modesty nor bragging. My life is an open book. My answer will always be "Yes" - or "No" with accompanying footnotes. How about you?

As far as winning an argument - There isn't one, You believe in gun registration and YOUR wrong..
"YOUR" is spelt "YOU'RE". Dont be embaressed. I continually get "THEIR" and THERE" mixed up but RUSH keeps me inline. BTW...can you elaborate with some details with "you're" argument which you claim does not exist...

No Argument from me.
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