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Default Consumers will continue to kill America

This Christmas like past Christmases people in mass will flood the stores and grab everything in site, expecially if its cheap, come the new year when the gas prices are still in the high range they'll think to themselves why isn't the price per gallon ever going down, considering that most people are ignorant of economics they won't come to recognize that they are the ones who is at fault, because leading up to Xmas they didn't care that everything they bought was made in China, thus Chinas economy gets a new head of steam, their factories are useing more fuel, and we will continue to get gouged.
Don't get me wrong I still think the oil bigshots are f cking you and me royally, but our neighbors that don't give a shit where their products had come from are screwing us equally.
As for me I'm going to get this word out by sending a letter to the local paper, hopeing some might recognize the errors of their ways, if you've got time, you should also try to inform as many as possible, it's worth a try!

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