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McCarthy was assassinated by poison. He had not been able to consume alcohol for several months so that's a lie.

"Shortly after the hearings, Sen. McCarthy’s health began to fail. This is not an unusual experience for those who oppose the conspirators, which is a distinctly unhealthy occupation. It is the trail of a multitude of deaths. His illness “baffled” the physicians who treated him at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, the same institution where Forrestal was hurled to his death. McCarthy’s health went steadily and rapidly downhill to his death in the institution.

"McCarthy’s medical attendant issued a death certificate and a statement to the press that indicated to the informed that he had been murdered in some unknown fashion. The death certificate read: “Cause of death: Acute hepatitis, CAUSE UNKNOWN.”

"Simultaneously the physician released a statement to the press that Sen. McCarthy had not suffered from an infection that caused the symptoms of hepatitis. To understand the medical significance of these facts, one must bear in mind that hepatitis may develop as a manifestation of either an infection or of poisoning. Since the hospital made it quite clear in its press release that the cause of the hepatitis and death was not infection, the inference to be drawn from the death certificate is obvious.

"The laws of the land dictate that the deaths due to unknown causes must be investigated by postmortem examinations to eliminate the possibility of murder. Such postmortems are compulsory and routine. There may be no interference with them by anyone. And no consent is required of the surviving members of the family. Burial of the corpses without postmortems is a felony under both local and federal laws.

"No move was made by the conspirators to comply with the law and determine by postmortem what caused McCarthy’s death. A number of McCarthy’s associates and intimates, including his hometown friend, Mr. Engel, who acted on behalf of his family, approached this author with the request that he attempt to induce the authorities involved to order that an autopsy be done on the corpse to determine the unknown cause of his death and to eliminate the possibility of murder.

"This author requested compliance with the law, by phone, of all the officials in the various parts of the country who were involved, including: officials of the Bethesda Naval Hospital; officials of Montgomery County, Maryland, where the hospital is located; officials of the District of Columbia; federal officials; officials of the state of Wisconsin; and officials of Appleton, Wisconsin, McCarthy’s home town. These efforts to secure compliance with the law met with no success. Each official “passed the buck.” The excuse that they offered for their disregard of the law was: “Mrs. McCarthy objects to an autopsy.”

"None of them explained why it was that the wishes of any McCarthy, including his recently acquired wife, superseded the criminal laws of the land. It did not seem to matter to the responsible officials that their failure to comply with the law put them in the position of being accomplices after the fact in a felony, in a possible murder. Obviously, extremely powerful influence bore on the matter."


"To set at rest the suspicions of murder raised by the McCarthy death certificate and the inquiries launched into the matter, Drew Pearson falsely alleged in his syndicated column that the hepatitis had been caused by alcoholism. In so doing, he cast a serious reflection on the reputations of the Bethesda Hospital physicians. For they would be poor specimens of the profession if they could not recognize cirrhosis resulting from the vitamin B deficiency caused by alcohol abuse, and treat it accordingly. Sen. McCarthy’s associates vouch for the fact that he had not been able to take liquor because of his illness for many months prior to his development of the hepatitis. Whatever poison precipitated his death, they attest that it was not alcohol. The obvious purpose of the Pearson column was to draw a “red herring” across the conspirators’ trail."
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