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Default Re: The Kali Yuga or Biblical Feet of Iron and Clay

The biblical account of the prophecy has nothing to do with ages of spirituality. An empire symbolized by feet of iron and clay means that its strength is not solid (the NWO is an empire forced upon us, with different cultures and weak and temporary), and the fact that the feet have 10 toes matches the 10 kingdom confederacy of the antiChrist shown in revelation. Occultists love the number 11 because it represents the antiChrist, the 11th horn to come from the 10 nations.

In the same way the 2 legs of iron symbolized the Roman Empire (strong, and divided eventually between Western and Eastern empires).

Remember also that a rock comes and smashes this empire to pieces. The rock is Jesus Christ, called this way in many passages of the New Testament, that will destroy the NWO and antiChrist at Armageddon, in the end of the 7 year Tribulation.
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