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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

have you guys not worked out that the illuminati and Freemasonry are not in anyway together.

The Illuminati infiltrate European Freemasonry in France and Germany in the 1800's to try and boost their own member numbers. There is no connection between the two orgs outside of these two countries.

The encouraged political and religious thought in lodge and subsequently forced the Grand Lodges of the world to no longer recognise them.

The Illumuninati, which I take it you mean the Bravarian order and not the 4 orgs prior to them, or the 3 spin offs after? tried to use Freemasonry, they were not part of it or in cohorts with it.

There are no blood oaths in Freemasonry, there are symbolic penalties, and Freemasonry only consists of three degrees, and the holy royal arch. The 33rd degree you speak of is the Ancitent and Accpeted Scottish Rite, or the English version which is the Ancient and Accepted Rite, of which the 33rd is not invitational, it is honourary.

To be a part of the A&ASR/A&AR you need to be a Christian, or hold a believe in the Trinity doctrine of the church, the order itself is by invitation.

Depending on where you are would depend on how things work, in America you can become a 32nd degree mason in one afternoon, in the UK it takes years, the majoirty only get to 18, a gew get to 32 and hardly any get to 33. In America they are 10 to the dozen in masonic cricles, no offense meant, but in the UK there are very rare.

It is against the oath of a Freemason to break the law, he must be true to his god, his soveriegn, the laws of his residence and his wife all prior to Freemasonry. That is what is obligates himself to in the very first degree of Freemasonry.
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