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Default Re: Do you have any serious questions?

freeman wrote:
Again though, that is about an individual, or individuals and not the fraternity.
Masonic Disinfo 101. On those rare occasions when the Freemasonic protection network breaks down and Masons are caught redhanded, why no, it's never a collective conspiracy, just an individual one. And Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy, Paul Bernardo etc.
Oh come on now, at least quote some original names!

Are you a man of Faith Freeman?

There are some very concerning figures when it comes to counting members and what bad deeds they've done. If you take your line of thinking, ie member offence = group offence you would some very alarming claims.

were all about to be demitted for moral turpitude, just as soon as the Worshipful Master got back from his latest Promise Keeper's Prayer Breakfast.
Wouldn't recommend Prayer Keepers, they are a bunch of wierdos.

Sorry, heard it all before (yawn).
And you think your spouting originals to me :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've checked your posts, you have typed one original thought yet, just the same old stuff.

I hope you plan to do better than this standard pro-Masonic propaganda.
Give me something worth answering then!

You know, I think I liked Yeoshua better.
At least his esoteric nonsense was occasionally entertaining.
I would imagine he became tired of the same old stuff, the trouble with most conspiracy theorist on boards such as this, is you could actually take them into a lodge, let them sit an watch every ritual from start to finish, and they would still spout the same old drivvle.

You're just not happy unless your a victim or complaining. My sister is the same, she makes me smile every time she opens her mouth as well.
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