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Default Re: ben franklin quotes about jews

Ben Franklin was not a prophet, he was a student of history and human nature and an acute observer. The accuracy of his statements are all around us, should we be willing to look and truthfully admit what we are seeing.

The 13 families who make up the International Banking Cartel are jewish. How better to control a country than through it currency. Any country can be "strangled" by their currency manipulation.

Freemasonry at it's apex is still under the control of a "higher" group known as the B'nai Brith. Any jew may enter a masonic temple at his leisure but no goy (non-jew) may enter a chapter of B'nai Brith without a jewish escort.

In the interest of fairness, take any of the "talking points" from the above post, or any other quotes made by historic personages regarding the jews and we will enter into debate.
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