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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

freeman wrote:
I'm not the least bit surprised you showed up, Bondi.
I can understand why the Lodge dispatched you tout de suite, as soon as I posted that excerpt from the Brice Taylor book.
What ever!, I didn't even know about the book, I simple googles Freemasonry and forum and this site popped up among many others.

I stopped by as it seemed active compared to the most.

She really nailed it, didn't she?
Oh yes, she must off done, but then if she did, why are you still calling it a secret organistation?

I mean, up until that point, I was still harboring some lingering doubts about the absolute incredulity of what she was recounting,
I have to admit the book is so convincing due to the use of material not really known outside of America.

Ask most masons, for arguments sake in England, they will most likely not know what Morals and Dogma is, in fact many wont know who Albert Pike is.

Gees, you do know there is a world across the water that surrounds America don't you?

And as for Luciferian, even the guys at ATS know that is bull, Lucifer is, if tranlated properly the light bearer, the morning star. Why don;t you scan a bible and see who the morning star is.

Honestly, read something outside the fiction section, or at least try a little research, or as just a minimal effort try quoting something outside America.

and she really isn't the most polished,
Sounds like someone else I've met recently :-?

porfessional novelist, but that chapter in and of itself is worth the entire price of the book.
Some would also say it was worth detonating the H-bomb due to the scientific advancements it led to, but I guess it depends on what floats your boat.

Wonder why someone who was a lifelong victim of cruel, Satanic mind control, physical, mental and sexual abuse would feel so strongly about your precious Craft, Bondi?
Hey I'd say I was brought up by a pink pengiun called cyril if it sold books and made me a mint.

Oh Freeman, at least get your terminology correct, try a show you have the slightest inclinging you know what you are talking about. The craft is Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason.

What she refers to in her book is the Scottish Rite.

Why do you suppose that would be? What is there about your "harmless fraternal association" that would compell someone like Brice Taylor to rise above and beyond her own personal limitations in her description and condemnation of it? Hmm, let me think, could this be an example of...the Holy Spirit?
Or could it be money?

Holy Spirit, so you are a man of faith then. And would presume of a bible faith then.

Ever person in the Scottish Rite claims the same faith, so on a technical note on your reasoning of the actions of a few deem the action of the group every claim you make against Freemasonry is all against the Church?

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