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Default Re: Freemasonry: Mankind's Death Wish

igwt wrote:
Have you read this article?
The trouble you get with both masonic and, for arguments sake we'll call it, anti-masonic literature is that the authors forget Freemasonry is global.

You read an article thats pro-masonry in America and then one in say Australia, it can seem your reading about two different things.

Many masons themselves forget this and only add to the confusion.

When you read the many anti-masonic items out there, they are very compelling and very believeable if you do not know much about the group in question.

It's like the back scratching, leg up, what ever you want to call it, if you were an employer and your mate was out of work and needed a job, wouldn't you try to help him out?

Most of the time people get hand outs and help from friends, but people only see that they are both masons.
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