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Default Re: Freemasonry: Mankind's Death Wish

Draken wrote:
I've read the book. It's essential, crucial reading for the understanding of history, politics, religion and the NWO. I can't recommend it strongly enough.
Which sounds as if it is worthwhile reading.

Unfortunately on the topic of Freemasonry the only descriptive word that can be included in the same sentence is History.

While I appreciate that any article, book, blog, opinion is of vital importance in making a decision on matters, you have to remember anything written is based on the opinion, the interpretation and the conviction of the person doing the writing.

just read posts here to see what I mean.

My own posts are evidence of my own interpretation of Freemasonry, my understanding of it, and on the same note if someone wrote a book stating Freemasonry was simply a social club where old men smoked pipes would it sell?

The bit I find hard to believe is that there are many masons who sign up to boards like these to offer, like i have, to answer questions, but people choose to believe those who have put it into print and ask you to pay for the privilidge of reading it. Who is pulling the wool over whos eyes?
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