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Saturnino wrote:

you are late, man.
I apologise, my invite got lost in the depths of cyber space.

In this forum, LOTS of material has been posted that proves beyond any doubt that Masonry is a religion (Jabuhlon)
That's not Freemasonry. It must be the one thing I get tired of having to repeat, decide what it is that you have the problem with, Freemasonry, York Rite, Scottish Rite, blah blah blah, they are different organisations.

Once you establish what it is, then we can get down to talking about it.

is contrary to Christianity and is controlled in the higher levels by the globalists/occultists.
Interesting comment. There have been polls run all over the world, the most recent and most publicised on Christian boards is that done by the BBC.

Is Freemasonry incompatible with Christianity.

Verdict, again, compatible.

The Arch Bishop of Cantebury, not current one, was a member of the craft, many pastors are members of the craft.

Now if it comes down to simply the way you interpret Freemasonry goes against your interpretation of your faith, fine. I am not going to tell you different, and that is a legitimate claim, but all this stuff about virgin sacrifces, devil worship etc is just plain silly.

Freemasons do not worship anything in Freemasonry, they worship the god of their faith, outside the lodge.

We are not even allowed to discuss Religion in lodge, let alone start worshipping anything.

If you still don't believe in it, you must as soon as possible start your own research. Begin with the Masonry corner at
Ah yes the Attelboro site, administered by Jim.

Very interesting site, nothing really outside America again though.

Has some very interestng stuff though, not quite on the mark but still a well researched site, and at least some effort put in.

The SYMBOLS PROVE is my favourite article, so close but so far.

The all seeing eye is a symbol of every organisation that has a deity, Christianity included. The first known use of it was in Christian churches in Greece I believe, inside a triangle, depicting the all-seeing god, and the triangle, the symbol of the trinity.

Then there is the point within a cirlce, the female genitalia. Which if researched properly rather than believeing the first thing found that sounds degrading, they would know this symbol if of genetail would be the male phallace, from egyptian origin.

The boxes with the eye, not a true picture of the symbol, obvioulsy foudn one to suit. The actual image is just of the boxes and is representation of the 47th problem, and for those who don't know the reason why it is used in masonry is because it is how you find the perfect square, and for the really lazy who don;t want to check it out, ask a builder what he uses 3,4,5 for.

The my personal favourite, the american seal on the one dollar bill. Personally if I was going to show how great my org was I would of put it on the 100, but hey.

Something to know, so you do not fall fowl of quoting this particular piece in future conversations, in fact I'll post an article entitled the eye and the pyramid as it's quite long.
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