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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

Do 33rd Degree MAsons have to kill anyone?

No, they ring up the local Biker or Mafia chapter (Jew, Italian, Somali, Lebanese, have i missed anyone?) and they do it for them.

What? The Conservative establishment in the U.K and Oz "kill" anyone? Laughable. They have scumbag druggies and ex-special forces to do that.

May I recommend the movie "Layercake" to BONDI. A good representation of the drug dealing world in the U.K all the way up to the "bluebloods" who employ ex-SAS to do there dirty work...and lets not forget the dirty coppers.

I see BONDI you are fairly well down on the rung. So much clicked together when I learnt more of the secet societies. THANX CC!
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