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Default Re: Do you have any serious questions?


Annoying all these peasants asking questions of the cognac club is'nt it?

Anywho...true, you're not ALL conniving fraudsters. But ANYONE who takes their membership seriously by definition must be.

You dont worship "God" in the Christian sense but you fuck around with the Bible and all that shit in the lower orders and make out you are...which is just the start of your lying.

You are based on the Eastern principals of the ambiguity of evil and it's relativity. You are the epitomy of the cult of "rationality" with the love of numbers and "patterns". Harmless in themselves, but dangerous when elevated to some divine principal where they have no grounding in spiritual/ethical/moral principals designed to elevate the human beings up and out of his basest animal impulses.

For me your evil stems from ANY grouping who consider themselves "elite" and beyond the pathetic peasants. Which is EXACTLY what you consider yourselves to be. You encourage membership from those with money and power to further your own of course you're evil beyond the wanky occult nature of it all.

To be quite honest, i find your members (Oz) to be some of the most pathetic cocksuckers I have ever met. Most of them homosexual/bisexual perverts with drug and alcohol problems and not a fair share into little boys and girls.

Which gets me to this question...why are you so pathetically weak that you require the psychological protection of a "secret club" to give meaning in your life?

If you want secret knowledge you will have to go it alone. The "Mysterium Coinunctio" is not available to those with weak ego's so you will never attain the secret knowledge but I hear the hooker parties are awsome!
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