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Default Re: David Irving Arrested in Austria

The amount of "anti-Semitism" is in direct proportion to the amount of "anti-Aryanism". I wonder which came first: an irrational, evil, innate "hate" for the Jews; or the destructive nature of the Kali Yuga and it's "chosen" rulers?

Another example: mass media and it's victims can't explain the emergence of Nazism with logical explanations; their answer is "an irrational, evil, innate hate for the Jews, blaming them without reason for Germany's predicament", while anyone who can read could know that Nazism was a reaction to the Jewish Bolshevik revolution in Russia that was also sweeping across all European countries, as well as a reaction to the Jewish backstabbing at Versailles after WW1.

So the amount of "anti-Semitism" is in direct relation to the amount of non-Semites (but including Arabs - they are Semites) the Jews massacre. Since the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and International Communism was and is the cause of over 100 million innocent peoples' lives (a very low estimate) the reaction of "anti-Semitism" is not only understandable, it's justified and a natural reaction, by those who still have it, of survival instinct.

Actually, "anti-Semitism" is an expression that doesn't make sense, since Arabs are Semites too. How can Arabs be accused of being "anti-Semites"?

No, most people accused of being anti-Semitic are in fact anti-Judeocrats, i.e. against Judaic rule in non-Judaic countries. That is a totally fair stance considering that Jews are among the smallest of minorities in any Western country. But in fact, most people accused of "anti-Semitism" are not anti anything; they are PRO- their own race. Because of JEWISH supremacism the Jews consider any manifestation of non-Jewish culture, tradition and heritage to be anti-Jewish. The reason for this is that, by having imposed Jewish thinking, Jewish tradition and Jewish mentality on the Western nations and races, when these nations and races wake up and realize their own culture have been subverted, the Jew experiences it like "anti-Semitism" (read anti-Judeocratism).

So to recap: "anti-Semitism" is in truth first pro-Aryanism, second anti-Judeocratism, and the combination of these two attitudes becomes COUNTER-Semite.

This is what the Jew can't handle: a positive, independent, spiritual force affirming a pro-Aryan tradition and culture.
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