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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

If anyone has any doubt that Masonry is incompatible with Christ, check these sites: (ex-Masons for Jesus)
(Freemasonty corner at cutting

Masonry is not an integrated, uniform organization. In this, Biondi is right. Some lodges are more social, some are more occultist. Some have this, others that tradition. Some get you into occultism quite early, some only at the higher degrees.

BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER. They are just raw material for the globalists/occultists. Even though the lodges are apparently very disconnected, on the top they are all in the hands of the same people. As they say, they are cattle waiting to be used by their leaders. Some guys may spend their whole lives in Masonry and never really get into the heavy hard core witchcraft...but if the need and opportunity arise, the right ones will be picked up.

For the globalists, what matters is that the cattle is there, waiting to be used.
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