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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

Who says I was on the "outside" looking in?

I used to deal and mix with drug dealers. I used to work in clubs and pubs. Through simple association I am good friends with the son of a died in the wool black shirt Italian Gentlemans Club member...a guy who gets his hand kissed out the back of restaurants.

I live down the road from Campbell barracks...SAS home base. These people do leave the base on occasion and scuba dive, skydive and even drink at Hillary's boat harbour.

I used to look after sex workers. THE CREME DE LA CREM of the Intelligence service informants as are Taxi drivers. One former sex worker regularly has lunch with "Royd" from ASIO...i think he's left and now works for the Department Of Transport..."G'Day Royd"! Of course, they never REALLY leave.

I happened to become friends with a guy who runs the Military Intelligence training course in Kunundra North Queensland...Wayne Prime. Nice guy and instilled a little faith in me about the character of our Military men. He was bonking my flatmate. Hav'nt spoken to him in a couple of years.

My ex-girlfriends step father is a card carrying Mason...nice guy. Loves doing business. Coz thats what Masonry is about. Doing business and furthering the organized crime outfit.

Do i care about posting this stuff? No, they tell me NO secrets, but even casual conversation yeilds info especially when I dazzle them with my knowledge on how they work and a life long love of all things military.

You are clearly on the BOTTOM rungs and have nothing to offer me in the way of information.

If you have any questions for me on the particulars of the drug trade here in Oz and the money laundering chain through the banks and brokerage houses please feel free to ask. And just what organization do the movers and shakers belong to, though not exclusively?

Please do not bullshit me on the wonders of Masonry. You need a club obviously. A "club" that demands secrecy. Already you show yourself as weak and vulnerable. I do not mean to insult. You are probably a nice guy. One of the nicest guys I ever met was a Romanian heroine dealer...i suggest you take note of Christ, YOUR Lord and saviour. "Let your yes be yes! And your no, no!" All else is rubbish and the domain of the ethically, morally and spiritually bankrupt.

Real men keep clear of belonging to secret organizations. Real men have nothing to hide. How about you? have quoted me on things I never posted. I dont know what you're talking about. POst #25?
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