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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

truebeliever wrote:
No. But I have distinct views on "secret societies". Especially ones able to weal great power at the top.
So I see, but there are many out there.

Are you going to have a bash as SRIA, HOAC, The Fellowship, The Foundation, (last two are the same and arrange the annual prayer breakfast), the list would be endless.

The comment is also very carte blanche, do you despise the many secret christian groups in muslim commnities, who stay hidden for fear of persecution. Isn't that how Christianity started, a secret organisation, Ichthus and all that.

Will get back to you. Eating dinner.
Hope your having something nice, had macaroni cheese myself. Not very filling and didn't taste all that good, but thats my cooking for ya.
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