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Default HOMELAND - Into A World Of Hate

This book apparently documents fanatics from the far right.

*also called Into a World of Hate: A Journey Among the Extreme Right (USA/Canada)

'His style is bold, the reportage lively, and he makes the characters – some drawn with the power and detail of Dickens – menacing enough that you can hear them breathe heavily into your ears...Ryan took seven years to penetrate the dark world of fascism in the 21st century. He took great risks and clearly put the whole of himself into the project. He is a compelling witness. He writes furiously, at times brilliantly. He makes you share his fears and passions.'

The Independent, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


We see them fleetingly. Men dressed in white sheets, paunchy figures in survival gear, throwing their Hitler salutes, almost unreal. We laugh or shake our heads, turn the page, and move on to less depressing or ridiculous news.

Like you, so I once thought. Sniggering at the TV, safe and comfortable, the world reduced to bite-sized headlines. After all, what have skinheads, hooligans and Nazi fanatics to do with the rest of us?

But what if – just if – these people represented something larger? Leading ordinary lives in and among us, with the same problems and fears. Not so different after all.

Homeland is the story of my journey into their world. A glimpse into a place most of us will not, or choose not, to see.

Neither investigation, history lesson, or political analysis, this book is one man's recollection of his time spent amongst these men and women. Six years of my life writ large, for better or worse. As much my story as theirs.

I hope you learn from it.

What is Homeland?

Homeland tackles the rise of the extreme right in a unique, often disturbing, adventure/odyssey. It's a mix of adventure, travel and extremism, all rolled into one.

Moving from British neo-nazi gangs to US Presidential candidates and Europe’s political zealots, Homeland is a gripping six-year adventure and social commentary, a truly unique account of the underbelly of modern society.

Describing how he builds trust with the men and women at the heart of such movements, Nick Ryan depicts a search for identity, belonging and belief, as he travels through an interconnected network of both violent and political extremists.

If you want to know about the coal face of extremism, how fundamentalism as dangerous and threatening as al-Qaeda in the East is now rising in the West – indeed, is inextricably linked to it – Homeland is the place to find it.

The work for the book led to Nick's involvement with the critically-acclaimed BBC drama England Expects (written by Frank Deasy), which he helped produce over a three-and-a-half year period.

Nick Ryan
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