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Default Re: When will all this go down in the US

It has already started. The neocons are enacting thier little game as we is almost to late to do anything about it has to play out in order for the sheeple to realize what is going on. When Bush won the election that was a clear sign that most people in this country do not realize that thier moving towards a police state. It is all about incrimentalism. No one would stand for it all at once, so they are easing us into it. Befor most people realize what is going on, it will be to late for change to happen. It is a sad realization to accept, but it is the truth. As much as I want to wake everybody up and scream at them to pay attention, it just will not work that way. The mass of the people will put thier heads down and go along with it because they are brainwashed to believe that we are doing the right thing. All in the name of freedom...the funniest thing is is that we are actually loosing our freedoms, yet most think we are still as free as we were 30 years ago. Every day that passes we loose more of our tights and most do not even care enough to look into it. At this that it is a mental illness to have a political thought or have to be careful who you talk to. They have pit us against each other so we narc each other out to the cops and we think we are protecting ourselves, when all we are doing is putting the people who actually care about what happens in this country in jail or internment camps. The whole thing will continue to spiral out of control until it all comes down in the form of martial law and what the neocons say goe cause we have given them the right to do it to us...that is the sickest part of all. By not paying attention to what is happening, we are allowing them to do this to us..we have no one to blame but ourselves.
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