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Default Re: Do you have any serious questions?

623542643468 wrote:
What they are called is very important to us. The sound of words produces impressions that are valuable to us.
The impressions caused are generally stereotypical, other peoples impressions.

People quote the names of the pillars as to shock a mason, why they think it will do this am unsure, but it is was the pillars mean that is the important part.

To try and explain what I mean, look at some of the various visual representations for,

St. Athanasius
St. Cornelius
St. Titus
St. Simeon

Do the pillars need names? People get so caught up on what they think is secret, that they miss the fact the only secret in Freemasonry is something everyone already knows and simply chooses to ignore.

623542643468 wrote:
We appreciate your comments and will communicate with you again.
I am glad someone does.

623542643468 wrote:
You can always invite us to communicate on a deeper level.
It is hard to communicate on any level when you have to explain that the organisation you are a part of isn't not part of a reptilian race, that rules the earth from a cloud of gold etc etc

623542643468 wrote:
You might be surprised what we know. All of us can learn even if it is late in the day.
I would not be surprised, we are all born with the knoweldge, but we only see what we want.

It is never too late in the day to learn, and each will find their source of tuition.
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