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Default I hope Lynn stays

While I can accept and appreciate that some people may disagree with me wanting Lynn to stay I just wanted it known that since Lynn posted her last message I started PMing back and forth with her.

I want Lynn to stay as I have faith in all people to come together on good terms. I understand that we all have different backgrounds, different life experiences and different views. To me, the true beauty in life is to share these things with my fellow people- in all cases however I think we must do so with an open mind and with love and understanding. If you disagree with someone it is of course your right to state so but there is no real reason that that can't be done in a respectful manner, something I think we should all strive for.

In this forum I think we all share in the fact that we have been lied to so we seek the truth in all things to help our people, only through discussion and an open mind can we hope to achieve such things. It is a great assets when Lynn (and the rest of us) contribute to that in positive ways so I hope she reconsiders her decision. I don't think we need "witch-hunts" here, just principles.

Sorry for any soapbox talk here, these are just my thoughts. Peace and love to everyone.

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