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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

Bondi: I would like to sneak in here with this question. Sorry, to barge in amongst some more serious noted querries/comments. But anyway, where does all this money that Freemasonry has---goes? BUMPER STICKER: Freemasons contribute billions each day? Huh???

I never hear of any contribution to local charities, for example: homeless shelters, programs for children of low income family. Why don't they help out schools??????
Truly, I've never heard anything said that 'this and that' contribution came from the Freemasons.

And as for what I believe about Freemasonry:
They are (grand)masters of deception. All to gain for themselves. They'll tell you that green paint will be the rage next year, and then 'we' go and buy this trendy green paint while 'they' have invested and made good on their investments of what 'they' said would be the rage/trend in the first place.
And this is just one (small) example of what they are up to. Like my neighbor (who cleans houses for a couple of Masons) said: "each time there's a war, Mr/Mrs. SO SO gets good returns on their stock/investments. Hmmmmm!

They are constantly keeping 'others' down (far away from the money trail).
They want all the privileges, rights, comfort, wealth.
They never really have to own up to any wrong doings. It's as if this is their 'right to do wrong' and not have to pay any consequence. The reward of being a Freemason is: just do it, we'll help you get away with it, brotha!

This is what many people have noticed about those that they know to be Freemasons. What? Are we imagining things? Nope!!!!

Freemasonry has its rewards and security for its members. People know this. This is why many believe that a Freemason can commit murder and truly get away with it. Can you name me a Freemason who went to jail for good!!!! No, you can't-----because they never get convicted/sentenced.

Bondi: Are you able to tell us a little about yourself? Truly, you made an entrance here for us to ask you anything about Freemasonry. So what gives?

By the way: thanks for any response to my post here.
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