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Default Re: Zündel SHOW Trial, Mannheim 2005

Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History


Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

Nov. 16, 2005


by Michael A. Hoffman II

From: (United Kingdom)

Dear Michael:

I feel most upset by seeing the outrages against free expression and
individual liberty currently being ramped up by the US and German
states, whilst unable to affect this in any way. Despite an abundance of
news, data and even media, there is little or no strategy for fighting
and winning the battle. Other than a few stupid/dangerous reactionary
poseurs on the right, I see no evidence of the needed revolutionary
ideology/ strategy that is needed right now.

I see the current holocaust trials as a crucial point in the impending
global zionist state, also an indication that the credibility of the
holocaust doctrine...My particular interest and sympathy has long been
with the Palestinian Arabs...and this sympathy for them is shared with
many other white (in my case English) liberals... Thereby a moral
'bridge' (or 'bridgehead') exists between the European intellectual and
this Arab nation. I contend that this 'bridge' portending the awakening
of the hugely powerful and capable white Europeans is viewed by our
would-be totalitarian masters as potentially the greatest danger to its

Therefore, their aim is to destroy such bridges, via the strategy of
always portraying the participants in this ideological, territorial and
racial struggle in terms of religion: Islamic, to Europeans an alien
Unfortunately this tack (West vs. Islam) has predictably, proven
an irresistible snare to both religious and secular leaders and
thinkers, despite evidence to the contrary.

The current Ernst Zundel-Germar Rudolf-Nick Griffin witch trials offer
opportunities for linkage to the worldwide defense of the individual vs
the Zionist steamroller. Toward this I propose urgent action: Well
written articles on Zundel/ zionist etc to Arabist/Muslim' sites.
Similar ones to “indymedia” - leftist/ anarchist sites. Scathing
articles, mocking German and US law to German and European media.

Best regards in comradeship --John Bayldon

Dear Mr. Bayldon

I agree about the dearth of a revolutionary strategy. Here in the U.S. I
have recently had confirmation of how utterly reactionary and beholden
are even anti-Zionist conservatives to the “speak with a forked tongue”
strategy of Pat Buchanan, who has been revealed to be a gate-keeper for
the System and who continues to lead his lemmings into defending
Bush--with qualifications, of course!

While we must speak the truth with sophistication and panache, it is the
truth and the truth alone which must be articulated and nothing short of
Buchanan is a loser because he thinks his potential recruits cannot
handle all of the truth and that it is necessary to compromise from time
to time with certain falsehoods which have been heavily drummed into our
people, especially on the Right. This is all the Cryptocracy requires of
Mr. Buchanan: his undoubted intellectual and rhetorical gifts are
hostage to a self-defeating paradigm.

How unlike the Judaic strategy is this! The Judaics consistently forge
ahead with the most radical beliefs in their arsenal and they support
the radicals in their midst to the hilt and without compromise. What
Buchanan and the circle around him forget is that we want only the best
people in our ranks. Buchanan brigades are not composed of people
willing to expose Judaism or homicidal gas chambers. They are peopled by
those who are willing to suffer the prize indignity of having to seize
on “what is good in Judaism” and to do this they forge an alliance, for
example, with anti-Zionist followers of the Talmud.

These are the Neturei Karta -- “Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism.”
Let us translate that slogan into plain English: “Committed haters of
Jesus Christ United Against Zionism.
” There, I think we’ve broken the
spell and demonstrated the depth of depravity intrinsic to any alliance
or dealings with this group which is a very high-level Kabbalistic
vehicle for infiltrating the paleo-conservative Right and the
anti-Zionist Left. It was the late, great Israel Shahak who pointed out
that when the Neturei Karta wish to swear a curse on someone such as
Yassir Arafat, they would call him “Jesus Arafat.
” This is the recondite
side of these “Torah True Jews” (full disclosure: Talmud True Khazars).

Those paleo-conservatives who will have little or nothing to say in
protest of the deportation of gas chamber skeptic Germar Rudolf (see
yesterday’s Hoffman Wire:,
for fear it will “discredit” them in the eyes of the Talk Radio drones,
are of no value to us. They are dead weight and we ought to cut them off
without regret. That was the whole point of the Third Party movement, to
get free of the Republican toxin.

One problem in the US is that with the demise of Spotlight newspaper and
the decline of the Institute for Historical Review we have lacked the
national organs of publicity and the tightly organized societies for
meetings and membership whereby we might canalize radical and
revolutionary thinking that will brook no compromise with wicked tyrants
like Skull and Bones Bush and his neo-con cabal.

As to the American Left, it too has considerable defects and I am not
only alluding to the Zionist Left that is in charge of the mainstream US
peace movement, or the Zionist Democrat party which was a partner with
Bush in the Weapons of Mass Destruction charlantry, and whose candidate
for president in 2004 was Bush’s lodge brother at Yale.

I am also referring to the Green Party, to “Counterpunch,” to the
Buddhists around the Dalai Lama who are sitting still while the Tibetan
leader bestows the Light of Truth award on Elie Wiesel, a propagandist
for Israeli war crimes who has written that “every Jew must preserve
within himself a healthy zone of hate for the German and what persists
in the German.” These Leftists are just as anxious about being
“discredited” by exposing their audience to radical revisionist truth as
are the paleo-conservatives.

As for the Arabs and Muslims in the US and Europe, they have some
enormous issues with which to grapple. These stem in part from the
abysmal failure of the fabulously wealthy oil sheikdoms who are rich
beyond the dreams of Midas, to purchase radio and TV stations and major
newspapers in the US, Canada and Europe, through naturalized or native
born agents. Al-Jazeera is one bright spot, but their report yesterday
on Germar’s deportation, was skimpy and inadequate.

In certain ways Islamic fundamentalists are symbiotic partners with the
Israelis. Like the Judaics, they wish to impose their religion on the
West, which has already been accomplished in the Judaic case through the
Holocaust” cult, which is essentially the religion of Judaism tailored
for gentile consumption
. When the president of Iran is so daft as to
publicly call for “wiping out Israel,” he might as well be on the
payroll of Ariel Sharon. When a descendant of Vincent Van Gogh is
stabbed to death in Holland because he has allegedly blasphemed
Mohammed, the Muslim wielding the knife has just put a big smile on the
kisser of rabbis worldwide

The Islamic fight against “blasphemy” is a medieval residue in a
post-Enlightenment world. It can only make Islam appear more and more
retrogade and from the caves. I do not counsel Muslims to give up
defending the rights of their religion. I only ask that they do so with
tactics tailored to the European citadels of intellect, not the
mountains of Afghanistan. Given these circumstances, every time Mohammed
is blasphemed by some Dutch film producer trying to win brownie points
with the Khazars, Muslims should blaspheme the Auschwitz gas chambers!

It is monkey-wrench thinking like this that is the ticket to a
breakthrough in the war of ideas.

By the same token, every time Jesus Christ is blasphemed by the media
magnates of New York and Hollywood, our pundits should poke fun at the
holy Auschwitz gas chamber relics in the American tradition of Mark
Twain and Ambrose Bierce.
But no leader in the paleo-conservative Right
would dare do such a thing. Highly effective, liberating,
turn-the-tables thinking is anathema to them. Their strategy is to sneak
up on the System, win the affection of millionaires who would be
threatened by radical tactics, and then gain the allegiance of the
American people. These tactics have been tried and have failed for fifty
years. The hour is too late.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has empowered King George to arrest
any American citizen on any pretext and imprison him or her
indefinitely, without trial. I could vanish into a gulag tomorrow on a
phony charge that I have ties to terrorists. You’d never see me again.
There would be no Writ of Habeas Corpus for me. No right to confront my
accusers, view the “evidence” against me and have my day in court. Our
immemorial common law rights have been overthrown by “conservative”
courts and a “conservative” president. If this be not grounds for
revolution, then what is? If not now, when? The legal framework of a
Soviet America is in place. Take a good long look at Michael Chertoff.
Then take a peek at the photos of Lenin’s Cheka commissars, circa 1918.
The resemblance is haunting. Same personnel, different century.

If US intelligence can pull of another 9/11 terror attack on American
soil, using another pack of mule-headed Islamic fundamentalist patsies,
then people like this writer will indeed begin to disappear into newly
constructed “Gitmo” type camps and Bush and his Democan/Republicract
successor can lock this country down the way Lenin did to Russia in the

With the freedom we still have available to us today, we must shake off
the deadly torpor of the Buchanan Brigades and the Cockburn Corps and
speak the unvarnished truth with every spiritual and intellectual
resource available, in the tradition of Charles Lindbergh and Charles
Coughlin, beginning with vigorous protest and publicity for Germar
Rudolf, a martyr to freedom of speech and inquiry on the level of
Servetus and Zenger.

“First they came for Germar Rudolf, but I did nothing because I was not
a doubter of the gas chambers....Then they came for Michael A. Hoffman
II, but I did nothing because I was not opposed to Judaism...Then
they came for me and there was no one left to protest!”

Will the preceding be the epitaph written on the tomb of American

I personally would withhold every dollar of contribution and every
breath of allegiance from all those across the political spectrum, from
Patrick J. Buchanan to Alexander Cockburn -- from whomever fails to lift
their pen or their voice on behalf of this beautiful soul Germar Rudolf,
who is suffering now in a dungeon in Germany for fulfilling the highest
aspirations of western civilization: to follow the truth wherever it may

O Tempora! O Mores!
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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