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Default Re: Do you have any serious questions?

Bondi wrote:
623542643468 wrote:
We refer to a more mechanical effect, the very effect of sound on the environment. Probably this would not interest many here.
Rather specialist area. Not too clued on it myself.

623542643468 wrote:
We know of Icke and that you are not of a reptilian race. This subject is too old to be of any import.
Well that is one relief. I don't think I coudl go through another 6 months trying to explain his errors again.

623542643468 wrote:
Do you know that some in the City of New York named the two towers of world trade by these names of Joachim and Boaz. We suppose it was to be a joke.
Before or after?

The reason I state the name is unimportant is that one of those names would not be recognised by many masons, but if you were to give the meaning they would know what you were talking about.

Freemasonry is universal by it's explinations, not it's actual symbols and words. In example the Eye and Pyramid is very rare in England. In fact I have never seen it displayed on, in or around an English lodge, but like I said the explination of the pillars, what they stand for, is the same throughout.
The names were given shortly after the towers were built. Also they were called David and Nelson. The city is called Babylon on the Hudson.
Remember the sounds of words even if nonsensical can produce an effect on the surroundings.
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