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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.

redrat11 wrote:

Just because you live in a crap shit-hole of a country like brazil where 90% of you sheep live in squalor. don't tread on me asshole bitch.

You are obviously an ignorant who can't even point Brazil on a map, otherwise you would not say that Brazil is a shit-hole.

1) La Dominio is not Brazilian,
2) Brazilians are not sheep, just check the results of the referendum when we voted against the ban on guns in the country, (look who's talking)
3) This is a very fine country, with some of the best people in the world. You probably fly on a Brazilian Embraer jet when you travel inside the US. (oops, I forgot white trash don't fly)
4) Brazilians are very clean (# one in soap consumption in the world) and the country is beautiful. Foreigners come here for a visit and don't want to go back home.
5) This country is more free than the one live in by miles (at least we have free, untampered elections).
6) stop watching Jerry Springer and study some geography.
6) People like you are the ones who make the US look bad around the world.
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