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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.


Not as much as the US. The US suffers from the WalMart effect. Even though we have WalMarts here, they have to adapt to face the competition, and they are more grocery supermarkets (like Safeway) than junkyard stuff stores that you put in your garage.

I was amazed when I lived in the US to see how much good, working stuff was discarded by the trash containers. I must confess I got a vacuum cleaner for myself. It was perfect. Not to mention garage could very well buy everything you need on those.

Things from China started flooding the country as smuggling from our nice neighbors from Paraguay, that were sold in smaller shops. Now the big chains are into it too and you can find all that crap everywhere. Fortunately, some things are still produced here, such as good shoes, textiles and good furniture. But the toy industry (which used to be big)for example, is GONE.

Much of the China stuff also used to come from the US or Japan, like notebooks and electronics, and now come from China...but the blame is on the multinationals. For Brazil, it is the same.

My American friends when they come here shop for shoes. You can buy excellent leather shoes for US$ 30 that sell for US$ 100 in the States.
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