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Default Re: Pat Buchanan: Osama and U. S. Government the Same

Is Osama A CIA Operative ??? – :-o :-o :-o

Who Created Al-Qaeda (Qaida) & The Taliban – The CIA ???

Whistle Blowers Identifying Global Al-Qaeda State Controlled Terrorism

Al-Qaeda A Manufactured Enemy

Al-Qaeda & The Taliban

The Controllers Of Al-Qaeda - US & Israel Control Al-Qaeda

1st Bush Memo On Al-Qaeda Declassified - Proves Condi Has Been Lying To US

Saudi Royals, Al-Qaeda & The US Government

Al-Qaida Suspect Turned Out To Be Undercover Agent

Al-Qaeda Are The US Government's Greatest Ally

Disinformation CIA Posing As Al-Qaeda

What If All Of Al-Qaeda Is A Mossad Op - Israelis Posing As Al-Qaeda Agents

Indications That Al-Qaeda Isn't Real But Merely A Front For Intelligence Agencies Creating War,00.html

How We Trained Al-Qaeda (Our Enemy)

Concrete Evidence Shows Mossad Posing As Al-Qaeda Recruit

The Terror Enigma – Book by Justin Raimondo
"911 & The Israeli Connection."

The Terror Enigma – Book by Justin Raimondo
"Foreign spies of a friendly country were trailing the 9/11 hijackers. Why didn't they warn us? This book will change how you think about 9/11."

"With information culled from mainstream sources, author Justin Raimondo shows in this eye-opening book that Israel’s spies in the United States had been watching the 9/11 terrorists. As the terrorists were planning the biggest and deadliest terrorist attack in American history, Israeli agents in the U.S. were watching them 24/7 – living literally “next door to Mohammed Atta,” according to one account."
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