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Default Re: A 'fiscal hurricane' on the horizon

Insider, you will remember me posting to the effect that the Internation Bankers via the Federal Reserve, their subsidiary, have owned and controlled this country, surreptitiously, since 1933.

They control the currency of their country.

As long as the figurehead, G. W., and the bobble
heads, Congress and Senate, strictly adhere to the wishes of the Bankers, they may spend as much money as they please. After all, it is only paper.

If you apply this logic, it becomes clear why Dubya can not only continue to fund the Iraq debacle but can put plans on the front burners for Syria, Iran, maybe Saudia Arabia, who knows how many more.

There are appointed certain ones in both Houses who are to throw up opposition to these plans but they always manage to pass. This opposition is to keep the unwashed masses thinking there are some honest representatives around. No such luck.

Our troops will die and the Bankers will gain all the natural resources of those countries.

Wars are the Bankers' harvest.

Yes, we have been exporting our debt to Eastern countries like China and Japan; that simply means when they crash the currency/eonomy of the U.S., those Eastern countries will fall like dominoes. Any resistance they might have had to the Bankers' plans for their country will disappear for the sake of a bailout, to re-establish trade.

Poor Third World countries who had been suckered into huge national debts found relief by signing over ALL their natural resources to the IMF. That was the deal offered to these little dictators, plus a handsome amount for them, personally, if they would sell their country's wealth down the drain.

While silly Americans were laughing and joking about Imelda Marcos' shoes, Ferdinand Marcos had been busy giving the "finger" to the IMF. He wouldn't sign over his country's natural resources.

As a result, he was drugged, lies told to cover his kidnapping, he and his wife were whisked away by NSA and CIA operatives to Hawaii where he was slowly poisoned to death.

We get so used to looking at things one way that the obvious can stare us in the face until we either get more information or experience a paradigm sift, the second usually the result of the first.

The earth is finite, natural resources are finite. Federal Reserve Notes and the notes of every country that has a Central Bank are worthless, paper with pictures, writing and numbers written on them, debt based fiat. They are "good" only as long and the Bankers say they are.

What country in the whole world could easily withstand a calling in of their national debt?When they crash the U.S. economy, they will bring down the economies of the whole world, just like dominoes.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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