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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

Saturnino wrote:

What you don't understand is that people here think that belonging to a secret society, EVEN IF IT WAS NOT EVIL, is a pathetic thing for an adult to do.
So where does Freemasonry come into this? Freemasonry has not been a secret organisation since 1717.

Most masonic sites state when their meetings are, all you have to do is phone a lodge and they will tell you when they meet. Most halls are clearly marked.

Wheres the secret.

In the meetings you all know that there is either a role play done, a talk given and just normal general business that you get in every meeting, minutes, correspondance matters arising.

Still wheres the secret?

Saturnino wrote:
Let's assume that there is no occultist elite running the Masons:

Don't you feel stupid wearing your apron and your regalia, taking idiotic oaths ? Wouldn't you be ashamed if your wife saw you in those ceremonies ? Don't you think you look like Fred Flintstone with that big hat of his brotherhood ? Do you need to get into a brotherhoof to have friends ? Can't you discuss philosophy with friends enjoying a capuccino ?
No I do not feel stupid wearing my regalia, my wife was the first to see me in it, and she is fully aware of what goes on. The lodge met my wife and told her what goes on and she had to say she didn't mind before they would let me petition.

Fred Flinstone, theres no animal skin and no hats in my lodge so no. Although some American lodges do have head gear worn by the WM.

Saturnino wrote:
What else can say: Get a real life !
My life is real, Freemasonry is simply a part of it.

Saturnino wrote:
Now if you add to that ridiculous behavior the smallest possibility that you are being used by the higher ranks, why would any healthy person be a Mason ?
Possibility is an endless argument, that can be placed to anything.

The smallest possibility the Christian faith is not the true teachings of Christ, but the spin of Paul.

The smallest possibility the public school is merely a brainwash exercise for local governments.

The smallest possibility John Elway was actually a good quarter back.

I live my life with facts, black and white truths, paranoia, conspiracy, half truths, outright lies do not really factor highly.
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