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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

nohope187 wrote:
I doubt that Red Cross or Easter Seals are all that much better as they are government bureaucrat orginizations, are they not?
Not the first time I have heard troublesome things regarding the red cross, although the corruption tends to be at the site of the aid being given. Trouble with having volunteers is you don't tend to check their backgrounds.

There was a concern within English Freemasonry during the relief efforts for the Tsunami, because the first payment of 100,000.00 went straight to the red cross and there were whispers that not all the money given to the RC made it to the fund, but that is the trouble with whispers, either people ignore them, or go completely the opposite and claim global conspiracy.

As for Easter Seals, I believe that is only an American outfit? I do not know much about them.
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