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Default Re: WARNING: Intelligence service penetrated this site

Jimbo wrote:
hey & besides, there is no reason to “penetrate”. They can watch your every “move” & your every “keystroke”. I wouldn’t worry about that. The question is,

Wha’chu gon-na do when they com’ for chu ?...
Bad-boy, bad-boy,…
Jimbo you are not right.
Of course it is clear that intelligence services from time to time follow up conspiracy sites.

But I was not talking about that-I did not imply classical espionage -that is obvious.
I was talking about more serious work of intelligence services -that is penetration or better infiltration and psychological warfare.

Jimbo ,You are talking only about collecting data -espionage -that is only one part of the secret services activity.

But psychological warfare,infiltration,indoctrination,brainwashing,
manipulation that is their main aim-
and that is real "intelligence" activity.

You can not manipulate,indoctrinate or brainwash your objects unless you establish a sort of physical contact with them- and in the case of our site- it is penetration - posting threads.
Also I explain the situation in which somebody could work for the intelligence service not realizing that at all.

In my opinion threads that cause discord and hatred among followers of various religious traditions , that proclaim other mainstream religious traditions false and falsified are posted by such people at this site.

They are naive and indoctrinated by their "spiritual leaders" (actually manipulators or secret services associates) that they simply do not know that in this way they carry out NWO project
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