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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

Saturnino wrote:

You are free to live your life the way you want.
Be sure that I do. I live my life by my choices and no one esles.

I will be judged by my creator and no one else.

Saturnino wrote:
If you don't want to believe the obvious, that Masonry is antidemocratic, dishonest and a tool for the occultist elite, what can we do ? We've reached a stalemate.
It is not that I do not want to believe, it is a case of I am a Freemason, of rank to answer any question you care to ask. I know all the rituals and all the requirements and what you claim just isn't there.

Antidemocratic, it is non-political.

I cannot disagree that you will find dishonest Freemasons, which in my opinion means they are not a Freemason. It takes more than wearing an apron and quoting lines to be a Freemason, and trust me there are plenty of Freemasons I would like to remind of this.

Freemasonry is treated like a club, a leg up facilitator by many Freemasons, but I assure you they are in the major minority and Freemasonry will not have it.

You will find it happens in particular lodges, and not in Freemasonry in general, and if I had my way those lodges would be closed and those masons forced to demit as that is not what Freemasonry is.

There are more Freemasons like me than not, but unfortunately because I do not meet your stereotype I will be the Freemason you forget.

If people like those that post on forums like these would merely believe masons like me and realise the actions you speak of and the characteristics you adhere to masonry is a manoirty and Freemasons want them out of Freemasonry as much as you. You would have a bigger chance of succeeding, not in destroying Freemasonry, but to quote a common book, the "enemy within". Which equates to selfish and self motivated individuals that unfortunately any group fails to keep out.

Saturnino wrote:
You will keep going to your meetings and we will keep fighting against your organization.
last paragraph above covers this.

Saturnino wrote:Anyway, thanks for being civil.
And the same to the majority of the posters here, in the end.

I am only too happy to talk Freemasonry, so you can have a true interpretation of Freemasonry. not the minority splinter groups, the "irregular" factions and the basic arses that have managed to join.

Then maybe people like yourself, and Freemasonry together, would be able to solve the issues you have with the fraternity.

Attack is not always the best form of defense. Knowledge is the true power, and the knowledge is no secret.
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