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Default Re: Renditions and torture - Stratfor

What no one seems to be asking in regard to this rendition and torture process is why an administration who appears to have had advance knoweldge -- and possibly planning -- of 9/11 would feel the need to interrogate the members of a terrorist organization which they know to be phony and may have helped to create themselves by replacing the real Osama bin Laden with CIA asset Tim Osama at some point in the 1990s.
Along those lines I come up with two scenarios:

1) Many of those incarcerated are individuals who may have had some access or knowledge of the internal workings of the scheme, and they are being held incognito until they can be sorted out for either brainwashing via trauma-induced torture or outright execution; either way, they will never be able to tell their story to the international community.

2) If there is a legitimate ongoing probe of Al Qaeda operatives for info, then it portends that at some point the Bush insiders lost control of the operation and were perhaps duped themselves midstream into the plot. This would seem to coincide with some other administration activities which occurred post-9/11, including Dick Chaney's investigation of certain neocon infiltrators within the American intelligence network. Remember the NWO symbolism of the snake eating its tail -- this is an evil organization which consumes its own members at will in order to achieve its ultimate agenda.
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