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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

freeman wrote:

No, you are the waste of time, because, all you are interested in is lying and coverups of the real Masonic agenda.
You mean questioning your imagination!

freeman wrote:
You're right. I wouldn't believe you if you sat me in a lodge, because I know it would be a staged event.
Thats a perfect point, why don't Freemasons open the doors, because of people like you, who will not believe us anyway.

freeman wrote:
If you and your Satanic friends really have nothing to hide, then why can't I just walk in the front door anytime?
You can. Most large masonic centres have people there all the time. You can go to Great Queen Street in London and tour the entire building.

freeman wrote:
Oh, that's right, there's a large, ominous "NO TRESSPASSING" sign posted right in front of my local Freemasonic Lodge...just another example of "making good men better".
Just another example of private property.

Any one would think it is the only place you see a no trespassing sign! get a grip.

freeman wrote:
(Note: Fellow CC members, observe how he doesn't even try to respond to the info I posted which blows his claims of Masonic charity right out of the water. Typical reaction of the Craft when cornered without a defense; just ignore and lapse into personal attacks. That should give you an idea how much real "truth" you're getting from this source.)
Note, you posted regarding the Shriners, to which I had already said they are American and only just come to UK. So my knowledge of them is limited.

Unlike yourself, if I do not know I do not comment.

And as for your quotes, it is easy to find information to suit your needs, we are accused of being murderers...

BBC News
Thursday, September 8, 2005

Many Rwandan Catholics believe the Church let
them down

A Belgian Catholic priest has been arrested at the
airport in Rwanda's capital, Kigali, for his alleged role
in the 1994 genocide.

Guy Theunis worked as a missionary in Rwanda, a former
Belgian colony, from 1970 until 1994.

Belgium's Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht has expressed
his "astonishment".

Several Rwandan priests and nuns have been convicted of
participating in the killing of some 800,000 minority
Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

US priest charged in nun's death

Robinson (centre) is expected to plead not
guilty A Roman Catholic priest in the US has been charged
in connection with the death of a nun 24 years ago in
what may have been a ritualistic killing.

A grand jury in Toledo, Ohio, decided the Reverend
Gerald Robinson should face charges of aggravated murder.

Does that make Christianity an organisation of murderers. I don't think so!
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