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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book


I have a good friend who used to be 32 degree Mason. He eventually received Christ and left Masonry for its incompatibility with the faith. He is as good as anyone can be. He said he never saw Luciferianism there, only the regular occultist lore and the ceremonies. I believe in him. On the other hand, he said that there was a wall separating the people from the 33 degree, that only some special privileged people would receive the degree, that it could not be earned.

Therefore, I believe you probably have good intentions, like my friend had. Maybe your lodge is all about philantropy and nothing more. I think it is possible that some lodges are not in the overall scheme, just because there are so many of them and it is impossible to control them all.

But I also believe you are only seeing, like the story goes, the tail of the elephant and you are calling it a snake.

I hope you consider the testimonies of higher rank Masons who left the lodge, and especially read Masonry Beyond the Light, from Bill Schonebelen. God has a way to show people of good heart what is wrong: I pray He will eventually show it to you. Sometimes those things have to happen with us so we believe.
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