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Default "Shootout In Fallugah". 28 meg WMV File. At Last...the Truth!

We've all seen the footage of White Phosphorus being used to quell the naughty "insurgents" (local Iraqi's and a few blow ins) in Fallugah.

Quite obviously this is simple propaganda and the "real" happenings in Fallugah are depicted here in this extremely balanced counter weight to the Italian doco doing the rounds.

We see heroic and good Marines taking out recalcitrant Arabs who somehow think they have some sorta right to fight back to a foreign occupation. Clearly Arabs are bad and American soldiers are good...such is the simple tone of this blatant piece of shit propaganda by the Pentagon.

With close to 3000 Marines now having great experience in built up area fighting we shall expect to see them on the American streets soon.

There are so many points in this drivel to laugh at that I don't know where to begin.

The last ten minutes are especially worth a "hearty chuckle". Break out the pop come the white...indians in black.

Note towards the end the commentator point out that levelling houses with D9 Bulldozers "has become common in Fallugah". Now who is advising them on this technique? :roll:

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