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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

The terms 'oath,' 'vow,' and 'pledge' have different meanings, Bondi; they don't mean the same thing.

My old Websters dictionary defines these three terms:

Oath: the invoking of God or some sacred or revered person or thing as witness of the truth of a statement or the binding nature of a promise.

Vow: to promise solemnly, esp. to God, to vow obedience; to resolve emphatically, to make a vow.

Pledge: to hand over a security for a loan, to commit (oneself, one's reputation, etc.), to promise, to pledge allegience to the flag, to drink a toast to.

There's quite a difference between "invoking" the name of God, or a revered person or thing as is done in your Masonic oath, and quite another thing to make a promise "to" God. They are completely different, Bondi. And when you make your Masonic oath, isn't it under the threat of death if you divulge any of the secrets of the society?
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