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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

Saturnino wrote:
What does it prove ?
It proves if you want to know who the Freemasons in your own area, it is not hard to find out.

the original question

Freedman wrote:
then would you please be so kind as to provide me with a complete membership list for your organization or tell me where I may obtain one?
To which I quite plaining explained how to find the information.

to which the response was

Freedman wrote:
Nice evasive answer, Bondi.
Which still leaves me no closer to identifying the ring and pin boys in my own community.
I had not evaded the question, I had in fact answered it in full.

If he wants to give me his area, I will list the masons of office in the area.

Trouble is, he's gobbed off not expecting an answer, and is now finding excuses, he could of easily said anywhere in the world to see if I would, but made out if he did his safety would be compromised.
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